As a Wilderlands supporter you will

Make a positive impact on Australia’s biodiversity

Help Australia’s biodiversity flourish by protecting a specific plot of land in projects recognised as ecologically significant.

Support the ecosystems you care most about

Choose exactly where your contributions are allocated and which landscapes you want to support – tall forests, deserts, coastlands, or woodlands.

Track and share your impact

Each Biological Diversity Unit is geotagged so you can see and share your impact in real time and get project updates from our expert ecologists on the ground.

Biodiversity is essential for all life on Earth but it’s rapidly disappearing.

The UN has stated that we urgently need to protect 30% of nature by 2030.

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How your contribution makes an impact



Natural ecosystems are valued and protected, where native flora and fauna have an opportunity to flourish in a landscape where 30% of land is reserved for conservation.



Degraded landscapes are restored through revegetation, pest and weed management, erosion control and waterway revitalisation to create biodiverse and healthy ecosystems.



Remnant vegetation throughout the landscape is reconnected, providing improved genetic diversity and species resilience in isolated areas and re-establishing wildlife corridors.

The simplest way for anyone to protect, restore, and connect Australia’s natural ecosystems and biodiversity.

Wilderlands is proud that all our projects are in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Because it’s time to act. It’s time for change. It’s time to do things differently.

At a time when we're being warned that biodiversity loss is amongst the three biggest threats facing humanity it's little wonder that nearly 70% of adults and 85% of children are experiencing ‘eco-anxiety’ because for so many of us we simply don't know where to start.

Wilderlands is that start.


It’s critically important that you have confidence in the conservation projects you’re supporting which is why we’ve secured a partnership with Cassinia Environmental, an Australian leader in landscape restoration, regenerative agriculture and biodiversity protection.

They were recently featured in a mini-documentary commissioned by his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales on RE:TV detailing their work at Coorong Lakes in South Australia, a project you’re able to support through Wilderlands.

Established in 2002, Cassinia are Trust For Nature’s largest covenanting partner and have delivered over 100 landscape scale projects across four states for a diverse range of stakeholders, including State and Federal Governments, international corporations, NGOs, and Traditional Owners.

Our vision for Wilderlands is that it will become a marketplace for many more landholders and conservation organisations and will look to bring on international partners in the years to come.

We’re establishing conservation covenants, a type of agreement that is permanently fixed to the title of the land, and which ensures that that land is managed exclusively for conservation.   These covenants are able to be enforced by government and the BDUs are then catalogued on a third-party register. We have detailed the process in 'how Wilderlands work.'

Each project has land management plans which are legally binding and subject to regular reporting, site visits, and surveys ensuring these conservation practices actually happen.

We don’t just leave things there though. Delivering conservation work is costly so we’ve created an innovative approach which pays a portion of the Biological Diversity Unit sale to the conservation manager directly with the remaining amount placed into a trust to be paid as an annuity to ensure works continue to happen every year.

So what we’re really leveraging is existing well established conservation management across a whole new suite of properties.   What Wilderlands unlocks is the ability to unitise this impact and bring it to you at an affordable price so you can start being part of this change.

Glad you asked. The Wilderlands Whitepaper has been developed by our Program Manager Nick Lewis and Chief Ecologist Chris Lindorff

You can view it here and we encourage you to connect with us if you have questions as we welcome your feedback.

We are not. Whilst we are operating like a charity it was important for us to recognise that there are many benefits to be privately funded particularly given our aspirations to scale and move quickly so it was clear that this the best structure to achieve that mission.

The United Nations warned that we must protect 30% of land for nature by 2030 or face dire consequences.

Right now we’re not on track to achieve this so we need to start taking action into our own hands and driving this change.

We know that biodiversity loss is amongst the three biggest threats facing humanity and the time to act is yesterday. The next best time is today.