GCX, the thoughtful gift card company.
1000 m2
Land protected
Bird species protected
Threatened species protected

We believe in thoughtful innovation — we’re GCX, the thoughtful gift card company.

We’re committed to making sure commercial meet cause and helping you have impact whilst making every dollar matter.

We’ve working with Wilderlands to provide 50% of all profits to protect Australia’s most vulnerable biodiversity and precious ecosystems with four projects across the country.

When you buy a thoughtful gift card you’re putting the power in the palm of the person to choose when they want to spend their dollars as well as knowing that they’re helping protect nature in the process.

Projects We've Funded

West Wyalong, New South Wales (Wiradjuri Country)

Land protected


Bird species protected


Threatend species protected


Located in the heart of the NSW Riverina, this 4500 acre landscape is addressing the decline of the suite of birds dependent on intact woodland ecosystems for foraging and nesting.

Victoria Riverina, Vic (Barababaraba Country)

Land protected


Bird species protected


Threatend species protected


In the heart of the Victorian Riverina, one of the most productive areas of agriculture in Australia and only 250 kilometres north of Melbourne, lies Budgerum, a farming district of flat, grassy plains alongside the Avoca River. Grassland communities are some of the most highly threatened ecosystems on the planet, with grassland reserves being reduced to small, fragmented patches across the landscape as land has been converted to agriculture. For this reason, protection of the remaining native grasslands across the Victorian Riverina is critical to the long-term survival of species that call this community their home. Examples of species dependent on these grassy ecosystems include the critically endangered Plains Wanderer and the nationally endangered Turnip Copperburr.

Meningie, South Australia (Ngarrindjeri Country)

Land protected


Bird species protected


Threatend species protected

Coorong Lakes

Located in Meningie in South Australia, this 200 hectare landscape is a project delivered in partnership with the Ngarrindjeri people, the Traditional Custodians of the Coorong. It sees native plants supplied by the local nursery at Raukkan, a self-governed Aboriginal community 30 km northwest of the site and many Raukkan community members employed for onsite work and delivering activities such as vegetation monitoring and mapping and fencing with a focus on ensuring these communities can continue to preserve and protect this culturally important pocket of land. 

Otway Ranges, Vic (Gadubanud Country)

Land protected


Bird species protected


Threatend species protected

Crowes Lookout

Home to mountainous vistas, tall trees, and fern-rich gullies, lies Crowes Lookout, only 170 kilometres south-west of Melbourne near the scenic town of Lavers Hill in the Otway Ranges. Crowes Lookout is characterised by towering trees of Mountain Grey-gum (Eucalyptus cypellocarpa), Southern Blue-gum (Eucalyptus globulus), and Messmate Stringybark (Eucalyptus obliqua), reaching over 60 metres tall and providing an arboreal ecosystem of micro-bats, gliders, and birds.

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